Behind the screens look at what happens when typing a URL into a web browser.

Holberton School instills that full-stack software engineers understand every aspect of how the stack works including knowledge of how the stack works on top of the internet. So let us dive now into the web world!!!

While researching this topic, I listened to an instructor from admit to it…

What’s happening under the hood when a user types ls -l into the shell or a command-line interpreter??

Before we dive in, here are some need-to-knows to help you follow along. I will be operating on a UNIX/UNIX-like operating system. The shell being referenced is the Bourne Again Shell (BASH). It may also be referred to as sh or /bin/sh.

The shell is an executable program(/bin/sh), utilized by…

After reading this, you should be able to understand the process it takes to compile a C program using gcc as your compiler!

What is gcc exactly? GCC is a component of the “GNU toolchain” for developing and writing operating systems. More specifically, GCC stands for “GNU Compiler Collection”.


If you came here looking for tips on how to find seashell on the seashore, well… you’re probably going to be pretty disappointed. If you came here looking for a way to navigate to your C files in your shell, then you’re going to have a great time!

The person…

Bre Rickner

Full-Stack Software Engineering Student at Holberton School

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